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HSE warns people to stop using e-cigarette products containing illegal levels of nicotine

Published: 5 June 2024

The HSE’s National Environmental Health Service is today (Wednesday, 5 June 2024) alerting the public to stop using two e-cigarette products as they contain illegal amounts of nicotine. People can return them to the shop they were bought in and retailers have been asked to stop selling them.

The products are:

  • E-LIQUID: Tobacco 24mg/ml, Ben Son 24mg/ml and USA Mix 24mg/ml
  • QST Puff Flex 2800 puffs 5% nicotine electronic cigarette in the sub-brands (flavours): Red Bull, Peach Ice, Blueberry on Ice, Watermelon Ice and Mango Ice

The HSE’s National Environmental Health Service, National Tobacco Control Office, submitted two RAPEX alert notifications to the European Safety Gate (the EU rapid alert system for dangerous non-food products) after discovering that the products named above contain more than the permitted amount of nicotine (20mg/ml or 2%).

The HSE sampled these products to find, following laboratory analysis, that the nicotine content in the E-LIQUID refill container was up to 25.4 mg/ml and the QST Puff Flex 2800 puffs electronic cigarette greater than 30mg/ml.

The HSE in response has contacted distributors and importers of e-cigarettes and refill containers known to the HSE made them aware of this issue and will be following up as required.

Dr Maurice Mulcahy, Regional Chief Environmental Health Officer, HSE said: “I must remind manufacturers and importers of electronic cigarettes and refill containers (e-liquids), it is their responsibility to ensure that they fully comply with all legislative requirements.

“This includes the legal onus on manufacturers and importers to give full and proper advance notification to the HSE of their intention to place products on the Irish market via the European Common Entry Gate portal. Furthermore, they are reminded they bear full responsibility for the quality and safety of these products, when placed on the market and used under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions.

“Retailers must also ensure that the products they purchase from importers/distributors are notified to the HSE via the EU Common Entry Gate and comply with all legislative requirements.

“In cases where the National Environmental Health Service establishes that, products made available or placed on the market do not comply with legal requirements we will not hesitate to exercise our legal enforcement powers.

“As a precautionary measure, our message for the public is to check the E-LIQUID refill containers and QST electronic cigarettes you may have against the products involved in this alert. If you have any of these products, we want you to stop using it and return it to the shop where you bought it.

“We are also asking retailers to stop selling the products listed below and to contact the HSE with supplier traceability details. If retailers have sold or distributed any of the listed products below we want them to recall them by displaying a recall notice in a prominent position in their retail premises and on their website.”

What should consumers do now?

  • The HSE advises consumers if they have these affected products not to use them and return them to the shop where purchased
  • In the event of consumers experiencing serious undesirable effects or ill effects related to these products they should contact their GP and notify

What should retailers do now?

  • If you have any of the E-LIQUID and/or QST Puff Flex 2800 puffs 5% nicotine electronic cigarette products as detailed above, you must remove them from sale and contact the HSE at with product and full traceability details
  • If you have sold or distributed any of the products above, a recall notice must be displayed in a prominent position in your retail premises and on your website and social media
  • Retailers with any queries in relation to this matter can contact the HSE at
  • More information on the products can be found at  using the words ‘electronic cigarette’.

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